Aerospace Engineering Junior Matthew Meyer was awarded an Engineering Undergraduate Award from the American Society of Nondestructive Testing based on an original essay describing how he envisions the role of NDE/NDT in his future career.  Matt has worked with CNDE researchers as an undergraduate research assistant for more than a year and is pursuing a minor in NDE.  He writes "I know that NDT will play a huge role in my career. Whereas in the past NDT has been used as a tool for looking at the remaining lifecycle of components and structures, I believe that NDT needs to become an increasingly large part of the design process as well. I believe that an expansion of NDT techniques in the field on structural analysis will provide us with new means of better understanding how an individual component, or an entire structure will react to physical or environmental stresses. The space industry has no room for error. A launch either succeeds or fails. When we succeed, we have opportunities to expand human knowledge in ways that we never thought possible. When we fail, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost, and more tragically, human lives are lost. The knowledge and resources that are available to us in space are endless, and I want to be a part of obtaining these things. I firmly believe that with the help of NDT techniques, we will be more successful in these endeavors than ever before."